The 10 Rules of Money

Clearly money is the most disorganized thing people struggle with. Most suffer in silence as it is not socially acceptable to discuss money or finances with any type of detail. Would you ask someone at a cocktail party how much they earned? If their kids college accounts are fully funded? If they pay their bills on time? Our education system focuses on teaching us the needed skills to help us earn a living but not what to do with those earnings. Based on over 25 years in accountng and working with many individuals, families and businesses, here are my 10 rules that will keep you on a healthy financial track. Remember: be positive and be powerful!

The 10 Rules of Money

  1. Have the highest integrity in all financial transactions.
  2. You have a relationship with money. Work to make it happy, strong and positive.
  3. Be thankful for all that you have.
  4. have written short and long term financial goals.
  5. Have a budget for the next 12 months.
  6. Remember to budget in some fun each month. This can be low or no cost, but it must be part of your plan.
  7. Spend your money slowly and look for ways to spend less.
  8. No credit card debt. If you do not have the money, do not buy it.
  9. Save money first. Then pay your bills.
  10. Give something to charity. If you cannot give away money right now, then look for other ways to give. (See my post, “Charity Begins in Your Closet“)

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