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Create a Plan for your Financial Life

Financial Organizing CT - AICPA Quicken1 quickbooks

As a Certified Public Accountant, Susan Lovallo has a unique advantage as a Professional Organizer. Organizing your financial matters helps you achieve your monetary goals and access important documents when you need them. Clutter Solutions offers a range of financial organizing services for both individuals and businesses. Working with Clutter Solutions, you can define your financial goals and set timelines to accomplish them. Start with where you are today, then consider reevaluating financial practices and fine-tuning habits to get on the financial path you desire. The best time to start is now.

Money Management and Cash Flow

Setting up simple and quick tools for bookkeeping and bill paying yields big rewards:

  • Manage your cash flow
  • Reduce late fees, finance charges and interest payments
  • Understand your business profitability
  • Have money in the bank
  • Enjoy greater financial peace of mind

QuickBooks / Quicken Training

Clutter Solutions offers financial management training for individuals and companies in QuickBooksTM and Quicken® software. With these tools, you will master cash flow, keep track of financial resources, and create a history you can easily refer to in the future. Clutter Solutions is available to set up your Quicken® or QuickBooksTM system, convert or correct existing files, and train you or your staff.

Debt Management

Expenses like credit card purchases, car payments, mortgages, tax liens, and healthcare all contribute to debt. A sound financial organizing system provides tools to reduce debt. Clutter Solutions works with individuals and companies to prioritize debts, build a realistic plan to eliminate them, and provide you with the methods needed to avoid future problems.

Budget Creation

Personal: Many people don’t like the idea of a budget because they imagine restrictions, sacrifice, and deprivation. But creating a budget actually gives you more financial freedom so you make choices based on knowledge rather than guesswork. Clutter Solutions will help you set up a realistic budget to live better, save more, and worry less. Having up-to-date financial information makes it easier to handle changes in employment, marriage status, retirement, starting a family, or preparing FAFSA forms for college admissions.

Business: To maintain profitability, you need to consistently track your financials and have access to the most up-to-date information. With the proper systems in place and a budget backed up with a solid financial plan, your company will be better positioned to achieve your goals and desired success.

Medical Claims

If you or someone in your family has had health issues, the medical claims can pile up and feel overwhelming. This can also be a problem after a loved one passes. Clutter Solutions will help you set up a system to track claims and payments, as well as coordinate with insurance companies, Medicare, physicians’ and other medical service billing departments. Working with Susan will take this taxing process off your hands so you can focus on other matters.

Bookkeeping for High Net Worth Households

If you are an executive or business owner with a hectic schedule and high net worth, Clutter Solutions offers household bookkeeping services. Susan will set up and maintain a bookkeeping system, coordinate with your tax accountant and facilitate all necessary reporting.

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