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When it comes to improving and maintaining high levels of productivity, office organization is a major factor. Studies show a direct correlation between productivity and clutter and the greater the chaos, the more it impacts your bottom line. According to statistics compiled by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO):

  • The #1 problem for most businesses is paper clutter
  • The average executive devotes six weeks a year searching for lost paperwork
  • Employees spend 25% – 35% of their time looking for the information to do their jobs

Whether you work at home, in a small company or a large corporation, there are many benefits of office organization and decluttering:

  • Higher productivity and profits
  • Decrease stress and overwhelm
  • Better efficiency when papers are easy to find
  • Improve confidentiality and security
  • Minimize mistakes and rework

Office organization is a relatively simple process that ensures your workplace is optimized for productivity and provides an energizing and inviting environment. Clutter Solutions offers the following services for any size business:

  • Organize workspace
  • Create a system for paper flow
  • Establish or streamline office procedures
  • Introduce time management methods
  • Provide expert assistance with QuickBooks and Quicken
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Home Office Organization

Whether your home office has a dedicated room, a desk in the corner of the living room or a section of your kitchen counter, this is where you run your household, pay bills, and manage finances. You may also use this space to help kids with homework or communicate with friends and family. These activities require a work space that is organized, multi-functional, and user friendly. Clutter Solutions works with you to create simple methods to keep the space clutter-free and systematically handle the paper flow.

Home-Based Business

Running a successful home-based business requires strong organizational and time management skills. Clutter Solutions will help you create streamlined systems to manage paperwork, maintain solid client relationships, and track accounting information. Home office organization will improve your customer service, help you meet business goals and increase your profits.

Small-Medium-Sized Businesses

Imagine an office with bulging file cabinets, overflowing trash bins, poorly positioned furniture, and scrambling workers looking for lost items. A chaotic work space leads to heightened employee stress, lower morale, resulting in reduced productivity and profits. Clutter Solutions will help you organize the work space and systematize procedures to improve output, create a positive atmosphere, reduce overwhelm and keep your business moving like a well-oiled, profitable machine.

Corporate Organizing

Establish more order in the workplace by creating work centers, organizing files, and streamlining office procedures. Companies that focus on office organization enjoy greater profit and have happier employees and customers. The approach can be easily tailored to suit the needs of each department or implemented company-wide. Clutter Solutions will find the best methods that enable you to meet or exceed your corporate goals.

QuickBooks and Quicken Expertise

As a CPA, Susan Lovallo has a unique advantage as a professional organizer. She helps both individuals and businesses with their financials and money management. Susan will set-up, convert, repair or reorganize your QuickBooksTM and Quicken® files for proper reporting. She can also maintain these programs or train your staff. QuickBooksTM and Quicken® helps you gain greater control over your finances and make the most of your financial assets.

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