Vacations And Time Management Skills

Ahh! Vacation time!”I can hardly wait to get there because that’s when I’ll

relax.” Whether “there” is a far away destination, the local beach, or your own back yard, unwinding is usually not an instant reaction. It takes a little time to relax and establish a vacation pace. As my girlfriend astutely observed about me years ago when I spent the first few days of my vacation running around getting stuff done: “Susan, you are failing vacation.” These tips come from my own experience on how to win at a vacation. Let this time be energizing instead of draining. Follow these time management tips to make the most of your time off:

  • Do you start your vacation by jumping straight into an activity? Instead, why not plan some down time at the beginning of your vacation?
  • Rest a little every day. Leisurely breakfasts, reading in the middle of the day, and resting before or after dinner are all great ways to enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer.
  • Take a break from the usual noise and stimuli: for one full day turn off the TV, radio, phone, computer, and video games. Experience true silence, conversation, or the natural sounds of nature.
  • Take a vacation from the alarm clock and let your body wake up naturally and quietly.

Happy vacation!

Statistic of the Month:

51% of families will take traveling vacations. I hope yours is one of them!

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