Get Organized To Save Fuel and Cash!

Get Organized To Save Fuel and Cash!

Okay, gas prices are at record high levels. So what can you do to minimize that cash drain? Get organized! That’s right. You can reduce the number of gallons you burn if you follow these simple tips.

  1. Organize your errands.

    Make a list of your errands, then organize them into a travel plan. This way you can eliminate backtracking, which uses unnecessary fuel. Write down all your errands and then think what stops are near each other so you can create a gas-saving route for yourself. You can also map them out by direction: north, east, south, and west.

  2. Keep a shopping list handy.

    Create a running shopping list on your fridge, in your office, and in your storage area where you store bulk items like paper towels or reams of paper. Writing a list to shop with will prevent you from forgetting items. With prices this high, you want to avoid running back to the store because you forgot something.

  3. Don’t duplicate your purchases.

    If you keep similar items together, you will reduce the chances of misplacing or losing items and repurchasing them unnecessarily. This will save you from making duplicate trips to the store which is a big gas burner.

  4. Stay home and organize.

    Tackle the area of your home you tend to ignore, and get it organized. You will be doing something highly productive without driving anywhere! And, you’ll create a space that can be useful or enjoyed once again.

  5. Establish a family organizing time.

    Get your whole family involved and have organizing mornings or nights. Together, organize a room that everyone uses, like the family room or kitchen. Set a time and give everyone a task. Make it fun–turn on the music or plan a reward for completion like watching a moving afterwards or playing your favorite board game.

  6. Enjoy your nest!

    Stay home just to enjoy your own beautiful surroundings. Yes, there are many places to go, but when it comes to family and leisure time, your home is a wonderful sanctuary. Think of your home as an escape from the world rather than feeling the need to escape your living space. An organized dwelling provides calmness, security, and peace of mind with plenty of space for fun activities or simply relaxing.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll be able to put those gas savings to better use!

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