How Long Does It Really Take To Perform a Task?

How Long Does It Really Take To Perform a Task?

In this hurry up world that seems to be swirling around us, we may find ourselves always rushing from one thing to another. Do you find yourself not completing one task before you feel pressured to start another? At the end of the day you could be left with a litter of uncompleted projects, and although you have been busy all day, feel like you have accomplished very little.

The most important outcome, from my point of view, in managing time is to live in the present. When you are rushing, you’re trying to get to the future. When you have projects that are incomplete, you’re dragging the past with you. Living in the present means finishing the moment you’re in before dashing off to the next.

How do we do live in the present moment? Be efficient and focus your efforts on one thing at a time. When you don’t know how long a task will take, you may either over or underestimate the amount of time needed. Keep in mind; small tasks may take less time than you think. Here is a list of everyday tasks and how long they take to complete if you focus your energy on that one task:

  • Answer the average e-mail — 1 minute
  • Change roll of toilet paper — 6 seconds
  • Fill car gas tank — 5 minutes
  • Take one vitamin pill — 15 seconds
  • Empty dishwasher — 5 minutes
  • Take out the garbage — 1 minute
  • Make the bed — 1 minute
  • Make a 2-quart container of instant iced tea — 30 seconds
  • Put milk carton back in the refrigerator — 7 seconds
  • Refill liquid soap dispenser — 30 seconds
  • Replace lid on peanut butter jar — 4 seconds
  • Pick up a shirt off the floor, place on hanger and hang in closet — 9 seconds
  • Sign, address, add return address and stamp a birthday card for mailing — 1 minute, 40 seconds
  • Water 1 plant — 25 seconds

I hope these tips will help you live in the moment and get lots of things done!

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