Winter Pick-Me-Up

Winter Pick-Me-Up

The Holidays are over; spring is still too far into the future to think about. That means it’s time for a mid-winter pick-me-up. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have a party. You’ll get better attendance now then in December when you have lots of competition. Try a game party like Pictionary, or a theme like chocolate or Mardi Gras.

  • Have a do-nothing day. My friend calls this a “Day of Sloth”. Stay in your jammies or sweats, rent movies and order take out. You can make this a family event, or girls only, guys only or kids only occasion.

  • Take a train ride. What better way to take a ride and fully enjoy the view? And you get to stay warm!

  • Work on a long awaited project like organizing your photos. This makes a good winter project because it is truly an indoor task except for a bit of shopping for supplies. Be sure to use photo albums, photo boxes, and scrapbooks that are acid free, made with buffered paper and plastics that are PVC free.

  • Become an expert at something. Find a new topic that interests you and learn about it from every angle. Example: pick a country and research the history, culture, weather, etc. Read books, rent tapes and learn the language. Talk to people who were born there or who have visited.

  • Call, e-mail or write someone you have lost touch with. The ex-co worker that you sat next to for years and knew every detail of your daily life, your neighbor that moved away or a cousin you have not talked to in years.

  • Finish something. Look through your closet, basement, desk, etc. and find a project you started but did not finish. Get it done and finally cross it off your to do list.

Hope these suggestions will help to get you moving. Take action and get your energy level up and spring will be before you know it.

Statistics of the month
74% of Americans say they want to have more fun

Next BIG Organizing Holiday
National Clean Your Closet week is March 15-March 21!

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