Coming Home From Vacation and My Purging Spurt!

Coming Home From Vacation and My Purging Spurt!

Within eight hours of coming home from a much needed vacation, I had filled one bag with items for donation (the “Goodwill Bag”), maxed out the recycle bin, and half-filled the garbage can. Though I was still on my vacation time zone, which meant it was five hours later in the day after a long day of travel, I had a purging spurt as I unpacked and put items away from so many different areas of my home. Clothes, shoes, toiletries, cosmetics, reading material, electronic charges, sunglasses, contact lenses stuff, camera equipment. And then there was the stuff I bought while traveling (I do lots of my birthday gift and holiday shopping while traveling as I love to give distinct presents and shop while I have more time). It seemed I touched every room in the house while unpacking all I brought with me to keep me comfortable in various weather conditions when I had no access to laundry. When we fit our whole world into one suitcase it is revealing about what is essential. I kept thinking that as long as I had my contact lenses supplies, a credit card, my passport and driver’s license all else could be purchased within relative ease.

But back to my purging spurt. What caused this? Where did I even get the energy since this went on until 10:00 PM our time which meant 3:00 AM in my vacation time zone? The words I keep coming back to are simplicity and necessity. As I opened closets, drawers, and cabinets putting away large and small items, I noticed things I no longer wanted, needed or used. Things that were taking up space in my home but more importantly in my head and heart. The more I dropped items into the “Goodwill Bag” the more I wanted to add to the bag.

The big question for me on vacation was would I be able to relax. Life is busy and fast and I needed to take a deep breath and slowdown. I was wound so tight before I left I wondered if I could go from what seemed like 100 miles an hour to…what? What is the average speed of vacation? Is there no speed (maybe if it is a lying-on-the-beach event which I have never been able to manage).  I prefer sightseeing vacations when I can spend much of the day walking and discovering. I can’t attach a miles per hour statistic to that but will label it as strolling vs. running and that is good.

Yes, I was able to slow down and I felt quite relaxed the minute we left for the airport. An instant separation took place from my everyday world as I shifted into my vacation mind frame. I let it all go: the to-do list, the errands list, the work on my desk. I successfully detached. And now that I am back I want that vacation feeling to linger. How to make that happen? Ease. I am easing back into my life and taking lessons from my ten day hiatus. Lots of things did not get done while away, things that would have been labeled urgent or important if I had been home. And yet life went on! How’s that for perspective!

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