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Susan Lovallo is a member of National Speakers Association. She is available to speak on organizing topics. Check out her speaking schedule for up-coming events.

Event Information:

  • Tue

    Virtual Minimal Quest Meeting - Topic: Getting Started With Minimalism

    7:00 pmZoom

    The word "free" has a magnetic element to it. Recently I was at an event in which a speaker stated she just released her first book. She brought free books with her to give away but stated she did not know the size of the group and realized she did not bring enough for everyone. To be fair she would do a raffle. Immediately I though "I hope I get one!" Free stuff is everywhere and it is not that is is "bad" but it can be a hinderance to our I-want-to-be-a-minimalist-or-at-least-decluttered-and-organized goal. But what if the free item is great? What if we love it? What if we get it and keep it and think we will use it and never do? The FOCUS Organizers will spend an hour discussing this topic during October's Minimal Quest Discussion Group session. There can be a show-and-tell segment if you would like to show us your cherished free item. We would love to see it and know where we can get one too! Plus, the meeting is free!