10 Small Winter Tasks That Make a Big Difference!

10 Small Winter Tasks That Make a Big Difference!

Winters cold is fast approaching! Are you ready? Here are 10 small tasks you can do that will make a big difference and help you prepare for the weather events ahead:

  1. Turn off the indoor shut off valve for the outdoor water faucet.
  2. Look through your winter coats and donate what you did not use last year. Then dry clean or launder coats you will be keeping or replace if necessary.
  3. Cover picnic table and patio furniture.
  4. Move shovels and ice melt near the outside garage doors for easy access.
  5. Place snow brush and ice scraper in the trunk of your car.
  6. Inspect entrance door mats and replace if necessary.
  7. Get the boot tray cleaned, in place and ready for wet shoes and boots.
  8. Place a tissue packet in every coat pocket. Keep extras in the coat closet for easy replenishment.
  9. Inventory gloves, hat, scarves and boots. Get rid of those mismatched mittens and restock.
  10. Fill windshield washer in car and check wiper blades.
  11. Set one organizing goal for the season: photos, old tax records and clearing out the basement are all great indoor, winter organizing projects. Note setting the goal is a task. The actual organizing is a project.

Doing these tasks will help make the cold season as comfortable as possible and you’ll be more organized by winters end.

Susan Lovallo is the CT Professional Organizer who can help you put systems in place to prepare for Connecticut winters. Call or email Clutter Solutions to get ready for the change of seasons!

A professional organizer for more than 18 years, Susan Lovallo, CPA, CPO, works with individuals and businesses to help them declutter, simplify and establish or streamline systems. Whether you are organizing your home, business, or financials, the result is greater productivity with less effort, providing more time to enjoy life. Clients appreciate Susan’s easy and effective solutions and financial expertise, as well as her patience, compassion and sense of humor.