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Being On Time, Getting Things Done – Saturday, Oct. 15 at Norwalk Community College

• Do you often rush and still arrive to appointments late and frazzled? • Do you have a long to do list but don’t get that much done? • Do you often miss important deadlines? In our personal and business

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Are You “On” On Your Day “Off”?

Is you day off about shores and getting things done? If so, when do you rejuvenate yourself? Do you think you can only relax when everything is done? There is a difference between relaxing and collapsing from exhaustion. Relaxing is

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How Long Does It Really Take To Perform a Task?

In this hurry up world that seems to be swirling around us, we may find ourselves always rushing from one thing to another. Do you find yourself not completing one task before you feel pressured to start another? At the

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Organize for the Holidays with Your Calendar

Holiday Organization Tip #2 Now, take out the December calendar and schedule exactly when you will be doing the shopping, wrapping, baking, etc. Don’t leave it

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