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Inheriting Clutter / Treasures – Saturday, April 22 at Wisdom House

• Have you inherited lots of items from your family? • Do you have a great deal of memorabilia you don’t know what to do with? Sentimental items are a dilemma for a large number of people. What to do

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Happy Organized Holidays- Canceled – Thursday, Nov. 10

UPDATE: Class has been canceled!!! Happy Organized Holidays! • Are your holidays blissful or stressful? • This year, would you actually like to enjoy them? A recent Rasmussen Reports survey found that 42% of American adults described the holiday season

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Power Organizing – Thursday, Nov. 3 at Fairfield Continuing Education

• Are you ready to take charge of your space? • Do you have a big organizing project you want to tackle? This class is for people who are willing and eager to make a big difference in their lives!

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If You’re a Piler, You’re a Piler

Often times while working with a client to organize their office they will claim to me “I’m a piler!” This means they tend to stack papers in piles rather than file them in filing cabinets. When they need to find

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Top Green Office Tips for 2015

Organize Your Office AND Save Some Trees! In the United States, we use and waste a lot of paper every day. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year! Wow, that’s a lot of trees! Here

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