If You’re Not Really Moving Just Pretend

Recently, I sold my old house, bought a new house and moved all in the same day! This Newsletter is a summary of tips and observations from my packing and moving experience. So, if you are moving and even if you’re not, please read on for help with purging and organizing your stuff. Read more ›

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Schedule An Expiration Date Day!

So often people tell me that they “just can’t throw anything away”. For these folks we start the de-cluttering process with a warm-up exercise. I call it “Theme Organizing” where we start with a particular theme and organize it throughout the house. One idea is the expiration date theme. Most people who are in the can’t-throw-anything-away category will still be able to part with an item once it has expired Read more ›

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Charity Begins in Your Closet

Who, what, when, where and how are questions I often hear regarding charities. Who should I donate to? How do I know my charity is legit? How much of my donation actually goes to the cause? How much to administration costs? Or people tell me they don’t have enough money to cover their own bills so they don’t feel they have any extra to give away even though they would like to. Read more ›

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Goal Digging for Financial Organizing

So often I hear people talk about the winning-the-lottery fantasy. Their eyes glaze over as they begin to make a verbal list of all the things they would do with the money. I must admit it is a delicious thought to have instant financial independence. However, studies show that a large majority of lottery winners spend all their winnings in a short period of time and end up in the same, or worse, financial condition than they were in before they won. Why is this? Read more ›

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Winter Pick-Me-Up

The Holidays are over; spring is still too far into the future to think about. That means it’s time for a mid-winter pick-me-up. Here are a few suggestions Read more ›

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Holiday Cards – Every Year Send a Few More than the Year Before!

Susan, its January, the holidays are over, why are you talking about holiday cards now? Because January is the best time to spend some time organizing your list for next year. And this year the list can become active instead of being dormant for 11 months.

Ok Susan, but it’s surprising for an organizer to suggest I send more cards not less. That means more time, more effort, and more expense. Well, yes – yes to all the above. Huh? Read more ›

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Organize Your Office AND Save Some Trees!

Organize Your Office AND Save Some Trees!

In the United States, we use and waste a lot of paper every day. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year! Wow, that’s a lot of trees! Here are a few suggestions to reduce your paper consumption Read more ›

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After The Holiday Thinking – Weight Loss and Organizing


It’s that time of year again. The clock strikes 12 and there is cheering, celebrating, and champagne. The slate is wiped clean and all can begin anew. Promises are made, at this magical midnight hour; we will turn into pumpkins if certain changes are not made. No – this is not the story of Cinderella; it’s time for those yearly traditions called New Year’s resolutions. Most are willing to wait at least until the Monday after the holiday – when all the leftovers are gone Read more ›

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Organize for the Holidays…Do Less! (Tip # 6)

Holiday Organization Tip #6

Do less so you can enjoy more! Read more ›

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Organize for the Holidays by Being Realistic (Tip #5)

Holiday Organization Tip #5

Be Realistic.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish this holiday season and still enjoy yourself.  If you have projects in the works, put them aside until January. Let this month just be about the December holiday. There will be plenty of time in the New Year to resume those other projects. When you are realistic about what you can accomplish, you will feel a lot less stressed and as a result feel much happier. This is a time to enjoy!

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