If You’re a Piler, You’re a Piler

Often times while working with a client to organize their office they will claim to me “I’m a piler!” This means they tend to stack papers in piles rather than file them in filing cabinets. When they need to find something they know it is in one stack or another. And then the hunt begins. They search through stack after stack looking for sometimes one piece of paperwork they desperately need. This takes time and can be quite stressful. But oh the joy when this important document is found! But what if it is not found? Then they go back into the stacks for a second look. This second search taking more time and looking requiring greater detail. Hopefully this time they find what they are searching for; but maybe not.

Is it okay to be a stacker? Is there a better way? Yes is the answer to both questions!

If you’re a piler, you’re a piler. This is perfectly fine. There is a system to make your piles of paperwork meaningful and organized so you can find the paperwork you need. It requires having your stacks in strict categories and not mixed categories. Example: Paperwork for your bathroom remodel would not be in the same stack as your kids’ permission slips and the unread newspaper from last night. These are three different stacks. The piler system needs room to spread out these strict categories preferably a bookcase or a compartment system. Be sure to label your categories with a label maker or post it notes.

So can you be an organized and a be a piler? Absolutely!

Orgainization is about personalization. If you would like a one-on-one session to help you get organized, give Susan a call.

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