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Happy Organized Holidays- Canceled – Thursday, Nov. 10

UPDATE: Class has been canceled!!! Happy Organized Holidays! • Are your holidays blissful or stressful? • This year, would you actually like to enjoy them? A recent Rasmussen Reports survey found that 42% of American adults described the holiday season

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This Holiday Season Don’t Give Gifts… Give Experiences!

Here we are again! How did we get here so fast? It’s time for holiday shopping… or is it? Why not do something different this year for yourself and those on your gift-giving list. Instead of giving gifts, give life

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Send MORE Cards Is the Organizer’s Answer!

Susan, its January, the holidays are over, why are you talking about holiday cards now? Because January is the best time to spend some time organizing your list for next year. And this year the list can become active instead

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Best Holiday Tip… Do Less!

Holiday Organization Tip #6 Do less so you can enjoy more!

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Keep it “Realistic” When Holiday Planning

  Holiday Organization Tip #5 Be realistic about what you can accomplish this holiday season and still enjoy yourself. If you have projects in the works, put them aside

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